Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A-Z Challenge 2015: X is for Xtopher

This is something I came across while researching.  So many of my male ancestors had names beginning with the letter 'X'...it was untrue!  And yes, it was untrue, to a certain Xtent.

You see, the further back you go - when they start writing in Latin that sometimes even a university professor would struggle with - they use abbreviations.  A lot.  Ever notice that little line above a name? That means the name was abbreviated. A small letter after the first syllable? Abbreviation. So you may not have had an ancestor called Eliz.  She may not even have been called Eliza.  It's just that she was abbreviated.  And as for Xtopher...it seems that, wherever the syllable 'Chris' or 'Christ' occurred - there was the 'X'.

A-Z Challenge 2015: X

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